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Health Impact Assessment Guidance. Standalone Health Impact Assessment and health in environmental assessment. A Manual. Technical Guidance. Executive Summary. Plain Language Summary. The Case for HIA. 


November 2021

Institute of Public Health. Dublin and Belfast.

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Human health: Ensuring a high level of protection. A reference paper on addressing Human Health in Environmental Impact Assessment. As per EU Directive 2011/92/EU amended by 2014/52/EU. 

December 2020

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and European Public Health Association (EUPHA)

Ref Paper Article.jpg

Lessons from an International Initiative to Set and Share Good Practice on Human Health in Environmental Impact Assessment

February 2021

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,  Special Issue: Health in EIA/SEA

SEA draft guidance.jpg

Draft guidance on assessing health impacts in strategic environmental assessment

March 2020

For United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Cities and Health 2.jpg

Applying an equity lens to urban policy measures for COVID-19 in four cities


July 2020


Cities & Health, Special Issue: COVID-19

PHE briefing.jpg

Health and environmental impact assessment: guide for local teams



July 2017


For Public Health England

HIA Girl.jpg

Health Girl and Friends: From Here to Equality


August 2010


For Glasgow Centre for Population Health


Health in Environmental Impact Assessment

A Primer for a Proportionate Approach, Guidance


May 2017

With the Faculty of Public Health and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

EIA Handbook.jpg

Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook: A practical guide for planners, developers and communities, Third edition


Expert topic briefing on health in EIA


November 2019

HIA Review.jpg

A review package for Health Impact Assessment

reports of development projects


June 2009

China book.jpg

Reforming China's Healthcare System


Chapter 6: Constructing a prevention-oriented health care system in China – a review of international progress in public health improvement


October 2017


For China Development Research Foundation

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