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We are experts in Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and integrated impact assessments (IIA) such as health within Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). We have conducted more than 200 impact assessments globally. We work with the public and private sectors from early design through to providing evidence at examinations and inquiries.

Health in Impact Assessment


We have conducted more than 200 impact assessments globally at strategic and project level. We work with the public, and private sectors on all stages of assessment from early design through to developing measures for mitigation and providing evidence at examinations and inquiries.

Strategic Planning


Advice to, and analysis for, national, regional and local government on spatial planning, policy objectives, sustainability and public health.

Health Service Design


Planning new, temporary or transitionary healthcare services for the community and/or workforce including emergency, occupational health, primary, secondary and community services.

Healthy Sustainable



Advice to municipalities on public health in planning for example, on working towards zero carbon without compromising on creating healthy places.

Healthy Construction

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Analysis of environmental and social construction challenges and opportunities. For example to accommodate temporary population growth and changing community identity.

Training and Capacity Building


We provide capacity building and training on public health, sustainability and impact assessment.

Health in Impact

Assessment and

Strategic Planning

Human health is broad and all encompassing.

Everything affects health and everything is affected by health.

Our health input to assessment can cover all issues ranging from air quality and noise to social protection, employment and urban renewal. It is also proportionate.

Human health is straightforward.

Everyone knows about their health and that of their family.

Our health input to assessment is based upon dialogue and careful consideration of people who are affected by a proposal.

Human health is dazzlingly complex.

The scientific understanding of the ways that human health interacts with the physical, social and economic environment is constantly deepening.

Our health input to assessment is robust and evidence-based. It complies with local, national and international requirements.

Healthy and

Sustainable Places

Making places ‘healthy’ is a core challenge for communities and policy-makers alike. Cutting carbon emissions is a pressing need.

We show how these challenges can be met.

Are you working on new policies or adapting an existing policy? Are you looking at a new development or at the  regeneration and renewal of high streets and communities.

We provide thorough and robust advice to national, regional and local government on spatial planning, sustainability and public health.

We advise on technical input and on ways to build and maintain links across sectors and professions.

We do this in ways that benefit all members of society and that are considered fair and equitable.

Health Service

Design and

Healthy Construction


Construction workforces require access to health services.

We identify the needs of a construction workforce and ensure that the project and the local health economy can manage any additional demand.

Training and

 Capacity Building


Our training programmes that have been developed with academic partners.

This address all aspects of health in environmental assessment.

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