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Ben Cave

Ben has over 20 years’ experience working in assessment with public and private sector and works across Europe and in the US, Africa and Asia.

He was President of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) from May 2020 to May 2021.

Ben was the sole European member of National Research Council/Institute Of Medicine committee for a study on Health Impact Assessment in the USA (2009-2011).

He is committed to improving standards and quality in the field of impact assessment. He has led development of a review package for HIA reports and convened seminars on quality in impact assessment. Ben is co-author of an article that comes out of these seminars and which looks at what different stakeholders understand by quality in the field of impact assessment.

He is an accomplished public speaker including working with local communities; giving evidence at planning inquiries and keynote speeches to international audiences.

Tariq Malik

Over the past 25 years Tariq has both developed and advised businesses across a number of sectors including Renewable Energy, Health and Fitness, IT, Oil Exploration and Travel Tourism. In the course of building these businesses, he has developed expertise in funding, acquisitions, team building, and strategic business development with a real capability to enact a business plan and get results.

Tariq has worked as a Strategic Advisor and works primarily to help managers to operate more effectively. The focus is on getting them to focus on their strengths and to draw up appropriate strategies. The outcomes are always tangible and often include vastly expanded profits, new markets, the securing of vital contracts and increased business contacts. His experience is broad based and includes operating from the board level and from the ground level in the sense of starting up new companies.

Tamsin Rose

Facilitator, sense-maker, storyteller.

Tamsin Rose is a facilitator and communications expert with a special interest in the process of change. Her focus is supporting the development of innovative solutions to societal challenges in a complex political environment. Services provided include:

  • skilled facilitation & consensus building;

  • message, media & communications strategy

  • policy analysis & development;

  • personal & organizational development;

  • capacity building;

  • public engagement tools

  • skills training in negotiation, communication, advocacy, leadership, presentation;

  • conference design & event management;

  • team building.

Birgitte Fischer-Bonde

Birgitte works at the intersection of public health and risk. She has a bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Risk Management and a Master of Science Degree in Public Health. Birgitte brings a focus on health aspects of risk assessments and preparedness planning. She has also undertaken courses in epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen and vaccinology at the
University of Antwerpen, Belgium. Birgitte’s Public Health Masters specialised in global health at the University of Southern Denmark, with additional courses in global health as a guest student at the MSc Global Health Programme at the University of Copenhagen. Birgitte’s master thesis
was on Health within Environmental Impact Assessments. Birgitte has collaborated through the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) on resources to better address human health within environmental impact assessment.

Monica O’Mullane

Monica O’Mullane’s research interests intersect broadly under the theme of social inequality (particularly health and gender), with a specific interest in the societal and institutional influences that determine the implementation, use and perception of tools and approaches (such as HIA) and programmes (such as the Athena SWAN Charter in higher education). She has conducted research exploring the ways in which HIAs have been used in policy-making across the two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.

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